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Experience the pinnacle of energy with every beat as DJ GROOVE takes center stage. Renowned for transforming events into unforgettable dance parties, DJ GROOVE (Shawn) brings over 13 years of expertise to the music scene.


Shawn's influence extends beyond the turntables, as he has played a pivotal role in shaping and evolving the dance music landscape throughout the Washington, DC area. Having graced the decks of iconic venues such as FUR, PLATINUM, 1223, Shark, VIP, H20, Relic, Midtown, Spot, District, Muse, and many more, DJ GROOVE has become synonymous with electrifying performances that resonate with thousands.


What sets DJ GROOVE apart is his profound connection with the audience. Shawn not only performs for the crowd but thrives on the energy they bring, creating an atmosphere that consistently reaches unparalleled heights. The list of venues may continue, but one constant remains—the energy is always at its peak when DJ GROOVE is in command, ensuring an experience that transcends the ordinary and lingers in the hearts of all who groove to his beats.

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