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LED Dancefloor
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Our panels are 1 meter by 1 meter and are completely computer operated. Up to 36 by 33 dancefloor with the first elevated for instant staging. This means you have the ability to choose the color, the patterns and you even have the option of customized text scrolling on the dance floor. Your event may start out with a solid colored floor but as the party gets going, the patterns may change along with the colors! Our panels can be used to cover an entire dance floor, highlight a certain aspect of a venue, to provide runways for fashion shows or spotlighting a particular product in a trade show. Anywhere there is a flat surface, the led panels can be used. All rentals come with a setup team and an onsite technician who will operate the floor throughout the course of your event. You have a choice of a diamond plated ramp system, rail system or a combination of both with the rental. Higher stages also available.

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Elevate your event with our illuminated 3 'x 4' LED stages, customizable to match the color theme of your special occasion. Choose from two different heights, 7" and 14", allowing you to create dynamic and staggered configurations suitable for diverse DJ setups or fashion runways. These LED stages not only provide a visually stunning focal point but also add a touch of sophistication to your event, creating a memorable and vibrant atmosphere.

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Immerse yourself in a celestial experience "over" the stars as this dazzling white acrylic dance floor sparkles with an array of stunning LED lights. Perfect for weddings, galas, corporate functions, or private events, the Starlight Dancefloor brings a touch of sophistication, creating a jaw-dropping atmosphere that elevates every moment to a new level of grandeur.

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LED Video wall

Customize your event space with our flexible LED video wall, allowing you to build it to any size that suits your vision. Whether suspended over the DJ setup, used as a backdrop, or integrated into a DJ booth, this versatile video wall transforms your venue into a dynamic visual canvas. Display montages, graphics, and a myriad of visuals with endless possibilities, enhancing the atmosphere and adding a captivating visual element to your event.

LED Video Wall
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Illuminate your event with ease using our RGBAW wireless, battery-powered uplights. Whether you prefer a static set, bathing your space in a single chosen color, or opt for dynamic control with DMX technology, these versatile fixtures provide effortless customization, allowing colors to change and fade throughout the evening. Ideal for enhancing walls, columns, ceilings, and drapes, these uplights bring a vibrant touch to any venue, creating the perfect ambiance for your event.

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Elevate your event with our Intelligent Lighting service featuring dynamic moving heads. These state-of-the-art lights are digitally controlled and programmable, allowing for the creation of mesmerizing effects that enhance the atmosphere. With Intelligent Lighting, a dedicated on-site technician ensures seamless execution, guaranteeing a visually stunning and unforgettable experience for your guests.

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custom gobo

A custom gobo is a personalized touch that adds a distinctive flair to your event. It involves the projection of a unique graphic, pattern, or even a specific name through a specially designed light onto a designated area, creating a bespoke visual element. Whether it's a company logo, a couple's monogram, or a thematic pattern, the custom gobo transforms any space into a canvas of individuality and style. The play of light and shadow generated by the gobo adds a captivating and memorable dimension to the atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for events where personalization and branding take center stage.

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Bubble Booth

Introducing the LED Bubble Booth, a DJ facade that redefines visual elegance and versatility for your event. With the enchanting ability to change colors seamlessly using DMX pixel mapping, this booth transcends traditional DJ setups, immersing your space in a captivating spectrum of hues. The LED Bubble Booth not only serves as a functional and stylish DJ facade but also acts as a dynamic visual centerpiece, enhancing the ambiance of any event. Its modern design and the ability to adapt to different color schemes make it a striking and customizable addition to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your celebration, ensuring a memorable and visually immersive experience for your guests.

lounge furniture rental
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Elevate the ambiance of your event with our comprehensive event furniture rentals, offering more than just seating—think unique communal arrangements, extravagant bars, luxurious VIP areas, and bespoke table features. At our disposal, we have a diverse range of lounge options that cater to your specific needs, allowing us to design a specialized lounge package tailored to your event space. Our curated furniture selections are more than mere pieces; they're a design element that injects a trendy, upscale vibe into your gathering. With our commitment to creating a one-of-a-kind look, your event is guaranteed to stand out, providing guests with an immersive and stylish experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Enhance the unity of your event's decor and furnishings with the impactful addition of a distinctive bar. Our inventory boasts a diverse array of bars, each capable of providing the ideal touch for your cocktail presentation. Whether selecting from our extensive collection or envisioning a custom creation, we offer the perfect solutions to seamlessly tie in aesthetics, ensuring that your bar becomes a focal point that enriches the overall visual appeal of your event.

event bar rental


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