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La Hora Loca is translated into “The Crazy Hour.” This isn’t just for wedding receptions, it can be inserted into nearly any event including graduations, quinceaneras, and even corporate events.


Let’s say you have had yourself a nice little wedding, followed by a cocktail hour, and a reception complete with your grandma telling you a story from when you were small. The boring folks have left the party, but there are some hopeful folks clinging to the party.


Then, all of a sudden, La Hora Loca strikes! A siren sounds off! Feathered dancers, stilt-walkers, and fire breathers emerge and start running around the room (except for that stilt-walker, he strides in). Craziness, wonderful craziness, starts to surround you and your guests. It’s the major hurrah! Everyone who stayed behind is caught up in the moment and loving every minute of it.


Those guests who chose to stay behind are being reinvigorated by La Hora Loca and they’re ready to stay until they’re forced to leave.

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