VR Coaster

A VR Roller Coaster Experience like no other!
The all new VR Coaster experience will WOW your guests! Two riders will strap on a pair of VR goggles and choose from over 25 unique rides. After that, they’re in for one WILD RIDE! Amazing virtual world’s with crazy twists, turns, drops, and jumps will excite and surprise your guests.

Giant LED Pacman

The World’s Largest Pacman Arcade Game!Giant LED Pacman is one of the coolest games you can rent for your event. It even includes the classic arcade game Galaga, so you are getting two games in one!The Pacman game allows for two player to go head-to-head and compete for a high score.

Giant Space Invaders

Space Invaders like you’ve never seen it before!
Blow aliens (and your guests) away with the Giant LED Space Invaders! This two player game has a huge LED screen so you can play Space Invaders like you’ve never played it before. The classic arcade game has been reinvented to become the ultimate arcade experience at your next event. Vibrations and chair mounted speakers make the experience even more exciting!

Hoops 2 Go

Hoops 2 Go is an upgraded version of the classic electronic scoring pop-a-shot. Up to 2 or 4 (add an extra 2 hoops) players face off simultaneously in a timed shootout to determine who will be crowned as the March Madness champion.

LED Skeeball

This classic carnival gaae is made ultra modern and fun with LED lights. Similar to bowling, Skee Ball is played on an inclined lane with baseball-size balls that the player tries to get into a hole, rather than knocking down pins. The object of the game is to collect as many points by rolling the ball up to the hole with the highest point value

Atari Pong Cocktail Game

ATARI Pong® Table is inspired by the classic Atari game. There are no screens or digital software; the game is recreated with motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets. Five motors drive the mechanism combining logic to simulate the 2D physics of the original game. The ball and the paddles are all controlled by magnets underneath.

LED Shuffleboard

The LED Shuffleboard table will enhance any event. It can be seen from across the room, it's totally fun to play, and the LEDs have hundreds of different color programs available to match your event.

Giant Lite Brite 

Remember the Lite Brite toy you had growing up? Picture your old Lite Brite, but bigger and brighter. Rental includes a preset design of the clients choosing i.e. Logo or message.

Big Wave 

The Big Wave air hockey table is air hockey with a twist – thanks to the curved surface design.

LED Foosball

Classic foosball with a twist of fun with LED lights around the table and field.

Giant Foosball 

The classic foosball.. except now you can play with more friends.

7 vs 7 on this elongated foosball table!

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