Saxophonist Khari Hayden, also known as Khayden, started playing the saxophone in the fifth grade and hasn’t put it down since. His ear for music allows him to quickly master a new song and add his own style.
Khari plays various genres including jazz, pop, hip-hop, R&B, country, gospel, and more! He is often found playing in his hometown on Main Street, near the University of Delaware. Philadelphia, Ocean City, New York, and Boston are just a few of the other cities he’s shared his sound with. Many corporations, including Jack & Jill Inc., TD Bank, and United Way have been extremely pleased with his professionalism and skill. Khari plays anything from small intimate affairs to large gatherings. Guest are always captivated and engaged when Khari takes the stage!

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Phone: (215) 357-LIME (5463)

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